details & photo ex Ken Ricketts. edited by Alan H

Wanda, known to her original owners, the Porter family as ‘Little Wanda’. She was the Porter families introduction to the world of pleasure boating. Fred Porter got ‘the bug’ while out on Claude Atherton’s Manawai during WW II c1942-43. Claude Atherton was an employee of Mason & Porter at that time.

Her actual build date is unclear, but Fred’s son, David Porter, told Ken Ricketts he had been told he was taken away on her in 1943, when he was 3 weeks old, so she was built pre 1943. Terry Porter, David’s younger brother, feels she was probably built by Garth Lane or his father.

Wanda is approximately 26′ long & was powered by a Ford V8 petrol engine (most likely marinised by M & P) & was very quick for her era.

The above photo was taken at David’s grandfather (founder of the M & P) Reuben Porter, family home, on the water’s edge at Beachlands.

She was later replaced by Wanda II, built new c.1948 by the Lane Motor Boat & Mason & Porter. Then in 1961 with another Lane Motor Boat / M & P built launch, the 58′ Marnine & then again later with the luxury 68′ aluminum motor yacht Simran built by McMullen & Wing, which is now based overseas.

Keen to find out what happened to Wanda post the Porter period of ownership.

5 thoughts on “Wanda

  1. Harold Mason, a great launch man (eg AUMOE) left the company in 1937 and joined his brother Percy to found Mason Bros.


  2. There were no Masons involved in the company for a great many years (over 35 years actually) that I know of — My late father was part of the company from about 1932 in to the 1960s, & he never spoke of any “Masons” during his time with M & P. There was a business man who did have a very close association with the company for many years, living more or less next door, as I recall called Mr Fred Cave.


  3. Mason and Porter must have been friends or family as well as business partners because they built substantial homes adjacent to each other here in Beachlands many years ago.


  4. Thanks for this! Always interested in my families history! (as ken knows, Reuben Porter = My great grand father)


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