Erinor (Lady Allyson)

ERINOR (formerly Lady Allyson)
Snapped this rather fine sedan top launch moored off the the wharf at Sand Spit this morning.
Anyone able to help with more details on Erinor?

Lots of activity happening up there with the new marina construction well underway.

Saw more dolphins today than I have in the last 2 years.

04-07-2017 Update from Dean Wright

Dean snapped the photo below of Erinor on a swing mooring in Opito Bay, B.O.I.. She had just appeared there & Dean was wondering if she had migrated north?




27 thoughts on “Erinor (Lady Allyson)

  1. When she was moored in the Whitford creek she was owned by Dudley Jones, who was, as one correspondent mentioned a building inspector in Howick. I remember that she was probably the most used boat in our creek – hardly ever on her mooring on weekends.


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  3. Also saw a large pod of dolphins on entering the Tamaki strait from leaving Pine Harbour at 11am sunday. Cruise along at 3.5- 4 knots for a good 5 min with the dolphins smimming along side the bow and crossing under the boat. That’s is Dreamworld.


  4. She is just what I am looking for to replace my Lidgard motor sailer Neptune which has been purchased by an Auckland based member of the C.Y.A. Does anyone know of a boat like this that might be for sale?
    Neptune’s new home will be in the Bayswater Marina so she won’t be living too far from where she was first launched.


  5. I’m guessing so. Although followed through to its ultimate conclusion the suggestion must be that the name is meant to be ELINOL, which doesn’t make much sense either. Silly suggestions are often flawed when logically pressed. I should know!


  6. Hi there,

    My father Geoff Laird bought the Lady Allyson from Leo White. She had a 6 cylinder Ford in her then with a mechanical gearbox which failed dramatically one day as Dad approached one of the new Westhaven Marina walkways which he promptly partly demolished!! Always a lovely sea boat with many cruises to the Barrier. We sold her to the chap at Howick.
    Chris Laird


  7. Saw a bunch of dolphins in the Waiheke Passage early Sunday morning, very friendly and leaping out about 3-4 feet. Maybe the same pod? In July we took a tourist trip outside Akaroa Harbour and saw literally dozens of Hector’s Dolphins. Boy, are they tiny!


  8. I cannot recall her former name,but there is an earlier posting by her current owner here on WW. As Erinor, she was moored at the “other Sandspit ” (Whitford Creek, Cockle Bay, Howick) in the 1990’s. Can’t recall the owner’s name, he was the building inspector for the (former) Howick Borough Council.


  9. Have just spoken to the present owner Warren Preston, & she is indeed Gordon Collie’s LADY ELLISON,(am very pleased about that — it’s nice to be right occasionally — see above), renamed by Warren P who has owned her since 2007 & he bought her off Trevor Crane who kept her at Gulf Harbour, & he believes owned her for about 5 years. She presently lives at Jamesons Bay Mahurangi. He tell me he found clues that she had been called ERINOR at some earlier stage in her life for a period, but he bought her as LADY ELISON. He says she is 34 feet long & powered by a 120 hp Ford Diesel. — she originally had a 4 cyl Ford diesel. He believes at some stage she may have belonged to Whites Aviation. — KEN RICKETTS


  10. I think she was originally LADY ALLYSON built by McGeady in 1953 for Gordon Collie, 33’6″x32’x10’8″x3’6″.


  11. Yes it’s a McGeady. Was next to Waimiga at Gulf Harbour for years. Now lives at Mahurangi I believe.


  12. Looks a bit like a boat Mc Geady built for Gordon Collie the name which temporarily escapes me, — I am almost sure this boat has had a name change, The Collie boat had a very flat cabin top with only the slightest curve, as this boat does – Collie insisted on this when she was built.-
    The dolphins are always so beautiful & graceful – KEN RICKETTS


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