Lady Eileen


I’m very pleased to be able to report that the Lady Eileen the 48′
Shipbuilders / SupaCraft launch, built in 1947 has been sold & her new owner, Hylton Edmonds, is a very passionate classic woody. In fact he already owns the historic game boat Zane Gray.
She has left Auckland & is now in a shed in Whangarei for the start of an extensive ‘rolling’ restoration. Ultimately her new home will be Tapu Point, Russell, BOI.

She is pictured above at purchase time, use the ww search box for more photos & details on Lady Eileen.

ps Hylton has assured me the restoration work on Zane Grey will continue in tandem with LE

5 thoughts on “Lady Eileen

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  3. I gather that was Hylton’s plan, but boats especially seem to be subject to Murphy’s Law;
    1. What can go wrong, will go wrong.
    2. Everything takes longer.


  4. A little premature there. Lady Eileen is still in her old berth at Hobsonville Marina – as of 20 minutes ago, anyway


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