Shenandoah Cruising in the North

Shenandoah Cruising in the North
Over the 1931/2 xmas holiday period Shenandoah cruised in company with Alcestis & Lady Margaret. Two of the photos above show Shenandoah off the settlement of Mangonui, one tied up alongside Alcestis (Guthrie family launch) at the Mangonui Store, now the site of the famous (in the Far North) fish & chip shop. The other photos are possibly on-route to Haruru Falls.

10 thoughts on “Shenandoah Cruising in the North

  1. We used to dive from this old girl, back in the early 90’s it would set off at sunset Friday and return sunset Sunday, it was then owned by a bloke, cant remember his name, ex fisherman and his lovely lady, his brother a builder organized dive drips to the Barrier. Top guys and awesome weekend. Memories that stay forever.


  2. Sam, I recommend you get the above book out of your nearest library or order it through their service. I will tell you all you need to know about Jenkins, his boats and the Gane Milking Machine Co.


  3. Hi There Russell,

    You say that the ship is still with us? I would be interested in knowing more. If you could please get in touch.

    Cheers, Sam

    PS: Harry Jenkins is my Great, Great Grandfather 🙂


  4. Hi There Harold.

    Do you know much about the Shenandoah? And possibly the Jenkins family?

    If you could get in touch that would be grand.

    Cheers, Sam


  5. I don’t think there’s a book about SHENANDOAH but there is one about her first owner, Harry Jenkins, which mentions all of his boats. It is “And Not To Yield” by his daughter, Thora Parker.


  6. I have heard there is a book about the shenandoah
    does anyone know if this is true? What is the name of the book and who is the author?


  7. Yes I agree with Russell that her present appearance detracts very much from her true lines as drawn. It always disappoints me how a designers skill is so often compromised by those who think they know better but the end results shows bv clearly they do not. Her present cabin is an example of misguided attempt to change her from a swan into something better. Let you be the g judge


  8. Fabulous ship. At least she’s still with us. I pray that, one day, someone will be sensitive to her needs and she will rise again to her rightful place in the fleet.


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