Karamana (Waitangi)

Karamana (Waitangi)


She was built as KARAMANA for F.B. Cadman in 1923 by Bailey & Lowe to a design by Hacker. KARAMANA = CADMAN in pig maori.
She was later bought by Auckland Grammar School teacher P A S Stein and rebuilt as per the pic below. She was fitted with a war surplus 6 cyl Green sohc aero engine producing 120-140bhp, bore 5.5 ins, stroke 6 ins (you work out the capacity). She was pretty radical, a far cry from her current. configuration.



3 thoughts on “Karamana (Waitangi)

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  2. “There are more things in Heaven and Earth Horatio…” KARAMANA was also the name of the Cadman family home in Waterview and Cadman’s Fairmile (later COLVILLE). Cadman Thomson Motors of Albert St owned the Fairmile from 1949 to 1952.


  3. Note from Ken Ricketts

    I never knew she existed until this morning — fascinating – especially the engine — would love to see a pic of that engine. never heard of her or seen her — just shows that none of us can possibly know it all. Also I ‘ve learnt about the name Karamana & it’s meaning.
    Another surprise for me is that P.A.S.Stein who taught me at Auckland Grammar (1950 – 53) & at school, (he wore a detached starched collar dress shirt, immaculate black or dark suit & gown — very much old school tie) — must have been a huge transformation in to P.A.S. Stein the boatie — can hardly imagine it.

    Very exciting blog — thank you so much


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