Zephyr was designed by Dick Lang & almost certainly built by him circa early 1940s.

Photo as she was, in 1948/49, taken by me at Schoolhouse Bay Kawau — wonder where she is now? .Possibly had a converted truck engine at that time. Have no other history or info — Ken Ricketts just liked the look of her when he took the photo. If anyone can help with more info please post.

5 thoughts on “Zephyr

  1. Hi there, not sure if you are still looking for info on the zephyr as this is an old post, but i believe i maybe of some help. im not a boat person but i have been looking for information on what happened to zephyr. I remember her when i was a very young girl and have some old pictures of her when she was being worked on by my grate uncle(?). at that time (1960’s?) she was owned by my grandfather (mac kelly) she was still in the family up until the late 70’s, she was sold around 1980 after spending many years in our home bay on waiheki island. I maybe able to dig up other information and photos if anyone is interested.


  2. The last time I saw Zephur, she was owned by Mac Kelly (farmer @ Beachlands). circa 1964


  3. ZEPHYR was built by H. Whyte in 1947. Her hull was very similar to SAFARI’s. Whyte and Trevor Maguite were friends.


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