Lady Adelaide

P1070615 Lady Adelaide

Lady Adelaide

1920’s Dick Lang designed & built. More info would be appreciated.

The original owner Charles Palmer was one of this country’s finest yachtsmen, founding the NZ Power Boat Association in 1905, the Motor Boat Patrol in 1914, the RNZNVR and being an able administrator with the APYMBA and the various yacht clubs until he died.

08-01-2016 photo at Kawau Island ex Tom Kane

Lady Adelaide Kawau2016

7 thoughts on “Lady Adelaide

  1. My Grandad and dad used to sail on this boat regularly with Charles Palmer up until he died. I saw the lady in Tamaki Estuary a few years ago and wonder how she is doing now



  2. Well my adopted aunt was Joyce Neumegin and when she introduced me to CHT P in 1963 and we all went on board, the hospitality was generous. As a Stuart Turner fan (even then) I talked at length to the Captain about Stuarts and Vivians and Fairbanks Morse (he didn’t have the agency for them I don’t think). My old man was not a fan at that stage because “Milli ll’s” P55 had to go back twice to Palmers, the second time for a sorting out of a manufacturing defect. It was OK after that. That boat was 17′ and built by Joe Wheeler at Bayswater.
    Capt Palmer also was instrumental in forming the NZ Naval Reserve which was a damn good idea and got a lot of yachtsmen in the swing of things when we and the Brits needed capable seafarers to run coastal ships. And even quite big ships for NZ and the UK during WW2. The Isles Classes, the two Flowers we had from the UK,our own Kiwi Tui and Moa (last one briefly) and the Castle class trawlers and Fairmiles we built here.


  3. Dave, you’ve cracked the code! That means that she was the 28 footer KOWHAI, built for Norm Matheson in 1920 to replace MARORO which he sold in May 1920. Norm sold KOWHAI in September 1927 to a Stanley Bay resident after which she was renamed and I lose track of her until Charles Palmer buys her in 1947. It would be nice to know what name she went under during that 1927-47 period.


  4. Originally built for Norman Matheson who lived in St. Mary’s Bay. He was the ‘Zeed’ measurer.


  5. Charles Palmer was not the original owner of LADY ADELAIDE which was built as a 30 footer in 1920 for somebody else under a different name by Dick Lang. Palmer had 5 launches called ADELAIDE (I to V) built by Collings & Bell. ADELAIDE V was built in 1924 and is currently on Lake Taupo. Palmer bought this launch in 1947 and had her lengthened by 4 feet with a canoe stern. He called her LADY ADELAIDE, again after his wife, not an engine. LADY ADELAIDE was fitted with a VIVIAN engine for which he was the NZ agent along with lots of other good engines and chandlery lines.


  6. I remember her when Charles Palmer was in command. An adopted aunt of mine was a close friend of his and I got to go on board. I remember lots of varnish. Her ensign and staff were much bigger than in this picture! As original, she a tuck and she was changed subsequently he told me.


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