1 thought on “Kaiwaka

  1. That little boy standing behind the skipper is me. The first engine my father installed was a 3 hp Blackstone diesel. She only did about 4 knots. Later when he modified her, someone gave him a 4 cylinder Lycoming that came out of a little pickup truck. Dad went to all the bother of converting it to a marine engine and on the sea trial; it collapsed one of the big ends. Quite odd, we just out in Mercury Bay when this happened and the Norma (Coulthard built) owned and skippered by Bill Clark was returning home after a mornings Cray fishing. She towed us to their holding tanks off flaxmill Bay and then back to our mooring. The odd thing I have to mention is that Norma was powered by the JP 3 Lister that we now have in John Dory. The Lycoming end up as fill under our front steps. I remember Bill well, such a softly spoken man who had returned from WW II and bought a boat and went fishing. He always paid dad with wads of cash. I don’t think the IRD was very active in those days. Now, these men, including Simon’s (he crew on JD with me) father caught tons of Cray fish each week. The bay was crawling with red and orange marine life.
    This engine was replaced by a nice little four cylinder Continental out of a Massey Harris tractor. It had a nice little bell housing around the clutch and was a very smooth and a sweet little machine. I think she did about 7 knots with this motor. When dad started building John Dory he sold her to a Port Albert fisherman, Mr. Bennett. I later learnt that he did several rescues with her on the Kaipara under very testing conditions when no one else would go out. I bought Kaiwaka Back and my brother has her in storage at Whitianga. A very nice looking dory and dad always stated the best looking dory he had ever built.


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