Neptune – designed & built 1956 by Fred Lidgard at Kawau Island. Her owner tells us he uses her more as a motor launch than a yacht, so here she is :-). The interior is quite special as well, we will cover that in the future.

3 thoughts on “Neptune

  1. She has a For Sail sign on her at DYC hardstand. My DYC spy tell me her owner wants a more sprightly sailer. (Boat I mean, not those along at Philomel I hasten to add). Actually I have never ever seen her with sails up so that may say something.
    But a good wholesome motorsailer with a knock out the roll on a beam sea, gain a knot or two blowing over to the Barrier, or even blow you home if the iron stays’l fails to proceed, you could do a lot worse.


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