7 thoughts on “Alpheus

  1. I have owened alpheus for several years now, the vessel is currently on lake taupo berthed at motuopa, I have recently listed the boat for sale as I am having serious health issues, I have had some great times aboard, alpheus is a go anywhere boat and a pleasure to drive.


  2. Best launch I owned for many years.
    Up graded to teak decks and painted over mahogany topside. Great sea boat
    Gary Rawnsley.


  3. From what I’ve recently learnt, Alpheus was a McGeady design and Hipkins build. Built in 1962 and registered in 1963.


  4. I feel that her coamings are very “50s” McGeady, — by the “60”s styling had moved on to the CHALLENGER, WHITE CLOUD, concept, & She is more AMARYLLIS (& even perhaps could be compared to the late 1940s Lane Motor Boat series of WANDA II, CONNIE V & DOREEN.) & all of these were well before the 60s & were the “in thing” styling of the later 40s & up the mid/later 50s


  5. Wonderful Harold, thanks so much. Any info on Granddads boats I’m grateful to receive. 🙂


  6. For what it’s worth, she was owned by S.A. Souter, 5 Corunna Ave, Parnell in 1967-9 and F. I. Brewster 7 Worcester Rd, Meadowbank in 1973. So there’s some people (or their descendants) to ring, Karen!


  7. Does anyone have any info on Alpheus and pics please? Would be gratefully received, thanks.


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